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A Happy Hawaiian Vow Renewal Holiday

February 06, 2018

Most couples who have participated in a vow renewal ceremony agree that it was not only a moving and romantic experience, but that the ceremony had a powerful revitalizing effect on their marriage. No matter if you’re marriage is entering its second year or its 50th, if you’re considering renewing your vows; we suggest you come to the beautiful island of Kauai. You couldn’t ask for better weather, as it’s almost always warm and sunny here, and a variety of unique attractions and scenic settings on the island make this an ideal place for renewal of your vows.

For those unfamiliar with the island, we suggest the following locations: the Princeville Botanical Gardens and Smith’s Tropical Paradise both provide stunning views of flora and fauna. Hanalei, whose iconic pier was shown in the 1957 movie “South Pacific,” is considered one of most spectacular places for natural beauty, with white sands and green valleys accentuated by cliffs. There are plenty of churches on the island for those who prefer a spiritual setting, or, for those who want something different, consider the popular Spouting Horn or even amidst a helicopter tour of the island!

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