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Experience the Wonder of Spouting Horn Beach Park

September 12, 2016

For romantics, the legend of the Spouting Horn blowhole is perhaps its main attraction. The natives believed the coastline was protected by Kaikapu, a giant lizard who devoured anyone who tried to swim or fish there. Liko, a small boy, decided to challenge Kaikapu, and jumped into the water with a sharp stick which he stuck into Kaikapu’s mouth. Liko swam under a lava shelf through a lava tube and escaped through a hole in the surface. Following Liko, Kaikapu became stuck in the tube, and, to this day, you can hear her hissing and see her “breath” in the spray from the blowhole.

Visitors here will find that, depending on the tides, the waves forced up can result in waterspouts as high as 50 feet. There are souvenir booths, restrooms and ample parking. The view is excellent, and aside from the main attraction, you can also watch sea turtles swimming in the ocean.

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